About Us

The team bringing you consistency, passion, and knowledge to your business.

Welcome to Letts Group

Letts Group is an experienced company located in Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast. The Letts team have a proven track record of achieving outstanding client results. We work in the Management Rights Industry and provide a Business Development Consultancy Service which helps protect, defend and let your business.  Letts Group successfully works with a wide variety of clients, and we have a sound approach to business practice and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Letts Group was established to assist onsite managers winning back and retaining outside rentals and providing you with the confidence and knowledge to continue selling with our 360 sales support. With a vast knowledge, passion, and most of all belief in our industry, we believe we have the winning combination when mediating, persuading, and educating investors.  

Our Team

Kelley Rigby

Kelley is the face behind the Letts Group brand. Kelley holds her full Real-Estate License and has over 11 years experience in the Management Rights Industry. She spent her early professional life completing a Certificate of Administration but quickly learnt she was best on ground and working with people.

Amy Scott
Business & Marketing Manager

Amy has a Bachelor of B.Bus Management and has extensive industry experience within global organisations managing business operations and strategic value creation. At Letts Group she leads the day-to-day operations and ensures the best possible utilisation of the organisations resources. Together she works with Kelley to set strategic goals for the Letts Group and their clients, and continues to look for improvement in operations for all.

Our Mission

At Letts Group, our mission is to foster a supportive and empowering environment for our onsite management community. We are dedicated to assisting them in safeguarding, preserving, and expanding their letting pool. By sharing our hard-earned expertise, implementing time-honored strategies, and providing invaluable resources, we aim to be the catalyst for the growth and prosperity of their onsite property management businesses. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to contribute to the resilience and success of each property management venture within our community.

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